Civil Department

Our contracting Division has been in operation for over 14 years and is equipped to deliver a turn-key project approach with strict adherence to the highest standards of project execution and integrity. BMTC employs qualified teams capable of design and execution of residential and commercial projects specializing in Civil Works, Landscaping, Irrigation projects, and Industrial Kitchens and laundries supply & Installation.

            BMTC’S Civil Department employs qualified teams such as professional engineer, staff and skilled craftsmen in specializing and performing an extensive array of work in various Civil Works (Turn Key) EMD (Electrical & Mechanical, HVAC, PLUMBING), Concrete & Finishing that include marble and stone work, wall and floor, structural steel, plastering, flase ceiling installation, external joinery, metal works, aluminum and steel work, surface finishing, floor, wall & soil planting and resins and block works …etc

            Pursuing to give better service, the Department impels its dignity, towards upholding a healthy relationship with our staff and workplace, giving full satisfaction, good workmanship and safety to our clients.

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