Industrial Kitchen & Laundry Supplies

            Industrial kitchen & Laundry Department is a food service and laundry equipment contracting department, which setup industrial and commercial kitchens and laundries on turnkey basis. The department focuses on the procedures in Europe and USA manufacturers of moderns and sophisticated equipment and in turn offer wide range of exclusive services from feasibility studies and assistance of the client architects, engineers, and consultants to design, select the best equipment to meet their requirements, and up to after sales technical assistance. Our products range includes hoods, fire suppression system, fryers, griddles, S/S BBQ’s, grill, tilting pans, boiling pans, oven ranges, salamander, bain-maries, ice makers, refrigerators, cold room, beverage preparation & distribution machines, hot cupboards, beater mixers, dough sheeters, bakery ovens; as well  as laundry equipments such as washers, dryers, ironers, dry cleaners, finishing apparels. In fact, just about everything you need for a modern kitchen or laundry facility.

            Our responsibility to our customers is paramount; we offer not only high-quality products, but superior or value added services as well. We have a positive and pro-active approach customer’s needs in a prompt, courteous, and effective manner. We always remember and appreciate that out customers place enormous trust in us by choosing to do business with us.